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Family Support

Family Outreach Worker

Family Outreach Workers provide a universal service for children and their families.  Age range 0-19 years (or 25 if the child has special needs).  They offer early intervention support, guidance and advice, working in partnership with the Children’s Centres, health, schools, parents, carers and others.
We can offer you support with:

Family Support Team

The Family Support Team (FST) work primarily with families with children aged 0-19. They offer parenting and emotional support to families in crisis. 
The FST discuss and plan with parents on an agreed piece of work to help clarify where the family needs support.  They will usually visit weekly or fortnightly to give advice and support around:

How to Contact the Family Support & Outreach Team

What happens after a referral has been made?

How Long will a Family Support /Outreach Worker work with me?

The team also run parenting workshops for families:

The Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities programme looks at positive parenting strategies that help to build relationships between child and parent and manage the types of challenges that children often present.  We also focus on the future of our children, looking at how we might support them towards being healthy and responsible. 


Our priority is about the safety and wellbeing of all children. If you have any concerns about a child you should:-

Please contact the Family Support and Outreach Managers Penny Wilson 01422 342552 or Eleanor Naylor 01706 399976.

We will not share any information without your prior consent unless we believe that this is necessary to safeguard your child(ren).