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Dad's Group

Our Centres aren’t just for mums and their children, dads are welcome at all our groups too. We also have dedicated Dad’s Groups where the little ones can come and play with their dads, grandads, step dads, male carers and other children in a friendly, fun environment. We organise various activities including creative activities: drawing; painting; board games; basket ball; badminton; games in the outback and other activities that the dads would like to do.

Dads have their own 'patch' in the outback where they grow organic vegetables and fruit trees. We also organise training sessions for dads and recently some dads have completed their Food Hygiene and First Aid training courses. Some dads are provided opportunities to do voluntary work. We also invite guest speakers from time to time.

Dad's Group meets at:

Jubilee Children's Centre - every fortnight on Thursdays at 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

        Todmorden Children's Centre (Todmorden College, Burnley Road, OL14 7BX) - Every month on Thursdays   

        For more information about the Todmorden group contact Susy Thomas on 07738 785646 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Marshalls at Dad’s Group

Marshalls are dads who attend groups regularly and are willing to volunteer, help in organising activities, tiding up and promoting Dad's Group in their neighbourhoods. DBS checks are completed for each marshall. Once the DBS is confirmed as clear they are invited to become marshall.
Marshall's meetings are held the second Tuesday every two months at 1.00pm at Jubilee Children's Centre. They discuss their roles and plan future groups at the meetings.
Currently there are four marshalls all from the Jubilee area. Each marshall is assigned duties. The marshall’s role can consist of:

  • Helping with preparation of snacks and drinks
  • Helping with organisation such as signing dads into groups, getting comments/feedback from dads, completing consent forms with dads, tiding up, discipline
  • Support with arts and crafts and other activities
  • Support with board games or outdoor sports and activities

Members of staff supervise each marshall. All marshalls and some dads have completed their food hygiene training and are attending first aid training on Mondays at Beech Hill.
The marshalls are supported with their development, confidence building and organising training courses.
Currently all marshalls are from Jubilee area and we would like more marshalls to support in the whole area.



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